Screw it!

I recieved an excited text from my friend Ashlee. “My pink prosecco is now screw top!”  She was reffereing to the Riondo Pink Prosecco that had an exceptionally difficult cork top to open. And is now a screw top, or in the industry a “Stelvin” cap. So why all the excitement? Don’t we all enjoy the romanitc sound of the pop of a cork? The procedure of using a cool new tech gadget to open a botttle? Well, I can say that I’m with Ashlee. I love the screw tops! You crack them open easily, they screw back on and actually fit in your refridgerator.  I never did like the plastic version of a cork that some vineyards were using. And some even have a glass stopper that I have accidently broken a few corkscrews on. Many vineyards are embracing the screw caps. New Zealand and Australia have led the way with as much as 70% of their wine enclosed in screwcaps. The cost of a winery changing it’s corking process to a screw top can be quite expensive so it may be a while before you see some of your other favorites changing over. But I hope everyone can be as happy with the change as Ashlee and I.

Here are two bubbly screwtop wines that are fantastic hot weather sippers:

Riondo Pink Prosecco price 11.00. This Italian fizzy fun pink wine is fresh and has a lovely fruity berry wisp. It’s become a big hit amongst my wine girlfriends and is great for a hot evening sipper.  A bit romantic and very festive!

Gazela Vinho Verde from Spain. Price 9.00  A fresh clear wine with a light green color. It has a delicate nose and a hint of green apple and melon. A lightly effervescent wine that is lower in alcohol and a refreshing beach/pool wine. Think of it as a white wine sprtizer in a bottle. Try it!

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