Cheers and Tears

Finally the last day of school has arrived. I think I’m just has happy about it as my kids! But on the other hand, what the heck am I going to do with these wild boys all summer?! I know it’s a feeling a lot of Mom’s get the last day of school. My friend Stephanie hosts a “Cheers and Tears” cocktail party every year on the night of the last day of school. A chance for us moms to toast summer vacation, and book up our calendars for play dates. I’ve made a beautiful appetizer of grilled shrimp and  pineapple on skewers. And the perfect wine to go with this fun dish is a fresh light white wine. Now, I have been talking about the Gruner Vetliner often recently. But the reason is, I think it’s a zippy, light and fresh wine for summer. The bottle I’m bringing tonight is the Berger Gruner Vetliner from Austria. The price is about 13.00.  It is slightly effervescent with a hint of citrus and stone. It also comes in a very cool Litre bottle! And to reconfirm my enthusiasm for new bottle top methods such as the screw top, this bottle has a “beer cap” top that you pop off with a beer opener! Simple and casual. Love it! ( Honestly, I’m bringing two bottles…)

Happy Summer vacation to you and your families. Have lots of fun and adventure. Sip some summer wine, and wear lot’s of sunscreen!

Berger Gruner Veltliner 2010

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