Wine Sucking Flatlander

I’m embedded in the rolling hills of New Hampshire at my parents lovely home.  Perfect summer days of swimming and croquet. When us wine sucking flatlanders, as they call us up here, are invited to the great North East I try to remember not to wear my Yankee’s baseball hat. I made the mistake the other morning going into Dunkin Doughnuts. Many glaring eyes met my entrance. (note to self, leave Yankee hat home next time).  But being a guest at my parents house is a treat. My mother “La Grande Dame”, is a hostess of tireless service with attention to detail and flare like no other, spoiles me with treats. As dad and I lay by the pool she arrives with a silver tray and two glasses of the endless rounds of cool  lightly oaked Chardonnay that flow through their home.  I swear I think they have tanker truck filled with it, hidden on the property somewhere.

I enjoy Chardonnay on occasion. But I do prefer a more citrusy lighter wine in the summer. So I went to the local shop and picked up a mixed case of wines. Some sparkling wine (Mumm Napa) for our family luncheon tomorrow. To toast my two grandmothers and their surprising good health and beauty. Grammie is more of a scotch drinker. And at 91, has beautiful skin and less grey hair than me! (note to self, start drinking scotch upon turning 60) And GG at 85,  is a ball of fire with whit and sharp recall of every event, trip, celebration and current state of politics. This all accredited to her daily consumption of a little red wine. (Note to self, keep up with the red wine.)

I thought I would bring a few new wines into “La Villa Chardonnay” so I purchased a few spanish whites and Italian whites. The Spanish I chose is a medium bodied floral and slightly lemon flavored  Las Brisas from Rueda. It’s half Verdejo and the other half is Vuira and a touch of Sauvignon blanc.  It’s crisp and fruity. And reasonably priced too. About 10.00.  Upon tasting this wine, my father declared he did not like it. So back to Chardonnay he went.

The next white I purchased is a favorite of mine. The Lugana  Zenato. A wine made from Trebbiano grapes and it has a wonderful acidity and straw and citrus flavor.  We wil be tasting this at our luncheon tomorrow accompanied by chicken salad with cranberries and walnuts. I’ll let you know what the reviews are from the Aunties and Grandmothers.

And for my brother, who falls into the same cabernet loving catagory as Il Divo. I got some Wildhorse Cabernet. A classic Paso Robles cab. I love the vineyard and have been there many times. Rich, cherry, spices, chocolate and yummy. Big Al enjoyed it with his burgers the other night. (note to self, buy a case to put in his beautiful but empty wine cellar.)

So I’m off to take the kids and their cousins to Canobie Lake Amusement park today. La Grande Dame just arrived from the store announcing she bought a couple of cheap bottles of Chardonnay. I guess they don’t have a tanker truck filled after all.

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