A change is in the air.

Something has changed here in the great North East. Today the air changed. The humidity is finally leaving us. Hopefully the mosquitoes too. The wind has kicked up, the skies are grey and the gardens are slowing down. I for one am thrilled about this time of year! When the weather changes so dramatically, so does our cuisine. The crock pots are getting pulled down from the shelves, those chili recipes and stews are on their way. Roasted fall veggies and warm loaves of bread. Yes, carb season has arrived. I’ve come to realize that I always gain a few pounds in the summer. Sitting on the beach, it’s hot and sticky and cool cocktails always seem to start early in the afternoons. Plus all those chips and guacamole. Uhg. So now that the kids are back in school. And the air is cool and dry. I can hit the pavement for a run, hike,or kayak in the Sound. But carb season beckons. These seasonal and epicurean changes make for a great time to try a few new wines. Recently I tried to sneak red wine other than California Cabs to Il Divo. He tries them, shrugs, and opens a Cab. I can only try! But I’m hoping you are all a bit more open minded and with generous palates.

Before I get to the reds. I want to tell you about a beautiful white wine that is so soft and fruity with just the right acidity. It will compliment my great grandmothers recipe for fish chowder perfect. It is a Chenin blanc (name of grape). The name is: Botanica Chenin Blanc from South Astralia. Medium bodied with mineral taste and flavors of apricot and pear that lingers. It is made by a female wine maker and has the most beautiful label from a female artist in the 1700′s. The price is about 20.00

And now on to some reds. Il Divo has his feet cemented in the ground with his love for Cabernet. So I’ll humor him and suggest one. It is a bottle that I served at his Birthday party last year and everyone loved it. The name is Uppercut Cabernet from Napa. Just what Il Divo loves, big and fruity. With a bit of sweetness from the black cherry and warm cocoa. It’s a favorite of his and if your a Cabernet lover, you’ll enjoy it. The price is about 28.00

I love to inspire people to try Spanish wines. This red has a rustic spicy flavor with blackberry. A great wine for those chili recipes. Also a great price for those big Sunday football game watching parties. Oh, well you know what I mean. When all the guys plop themselves on your couch and you serve chili. This is the wine to try. Bodegas Castano Heculas Monestrell. The price is great at about 10.00 a bottle.

See the pics of the labels below so you have a point of reference. Happy Fall!


Bodegas Castano Hecula 2005 Botanica Chenin Blanc 2009 Uppercut Cabernet Sauvignon 2007

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