The perfect gift wine!

I get asked often, ” What is a good bottle of wine to give for a Holiday gift?”. This question encompasses so many different factors depending on the person you are buying for. If you know they are a Cabernet drinker, or favor light whites.  Then your purchase is an easy one to make. But if you are not sure about your recipients preferences, or your concerned because you know they are “really into wine”, then the wine I am suggesting to everyone who asks me is a bottle of tawny port. What I like about giving port as a gift is it is a bottle of wine that can be enjoyed for more than just one experience. Port is a “fortified” wine. Meaning they pump it up with a type of clear alcohol, like a clear brandy,  that stops the fermentation process and leaves behind the residual sugar in this delicious wine. It also make the alcohol content quite high so sip cautiously! Once the bottle  is opened it can be enjoyed for a few months without turning or “going bad”. Then you are giving a  gift that they can keep enjoying. So for anyone you know who enjoys wine, perhaps chocolate too. Confidently give a bottle of port and a box of chocolates for a truly memorable holiday gift.

Here are a couple of suggestions. I have served these recently at some wine tastings and they were real crowd pleasers.:

Barros Colheita port price about 36.00. Wonderful flavor of dried fruit and vanilla

Offley Porto 2000 price about 32.00. Lush with current, raisin and toffee.

Sandeman Tawny 20 year old Port price about 46.00. A personal favorite with flavors of rich honey, caramel and spice.


Barros Colheita 2000Offley Vintage Port, Portugal labelSandeman 20 Year Old Tawny


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