Is it bad?….

I don’t know about the rest of the country, but in my neck of the woods everyone is sick! Strep, stomach flu, fevers, colds, the works. My boys both had versions of these illnesses, and good Lord save us all, Il Divo came down with the fever. And let me tell you,  Scarlett O’Hara has nothing on him. Me, I’m gratefully healthy. Can I attribute this great health to wine? Well it is the one thing that  I add to my body every day. It does have scientifically proven anti-oxidents to prevent illness. So lets just say that’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

Now my mother on the other hand. A woman who raised me to have an appreciation of wine. Who has prided herself of never being sick. And consumes daily as I do. We have prided ourselves of being fully marinated that no bad bacteria could possibly thrive in our bodies.  Has finally  fallen down with bronchitis.  This stoic Irish Lady of New England, otherwise referred to as The Grand Dame, does the proper Irish tradition of making beef stew for all that ails you. So she called me and asked if the bottle of red wine she has had in the fridge all week is okay to use in her stew. She cannot smell very well from congestion and was curious. So my answer to her was that if you CAN smell a bit of a paint thinner or a deep musty smell, that you should not use it in cooking. It will permeate through your stew. Only cook with what you will drink. So she took a sip, and with her compromised tastebuds decided that it would do well in her Beef Stew.

I hope you are all staying healthy while we run around preparing for the Holidays.  Drink your red wine! Although I have my suspicion that something is lurking, plotting, and planning my demise. I’m sticking with my health plan.

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